Giulia Bisinella

Dina and Alba

A Tribute to Mario Fratti - Mare Nostrum Elements honors acclaimed Italian playwright Mario Fratti with three short plays highlighting the many faces of relationships:

DINA AND ALBA - Two women who love one another while an old flame reappears.

MISSIONARIES - A young priest defends his love for a young nun while making a major confession.

ACTORS - A loving father keeps a secret from his daughter.


Showcase presented in collaboration with Mare Nostrum Elements – in English

The Vatican Knows... (about the kidnapping of that young woman)

World Premiere of "The Vatican Knows (about the kidnapping of that young woman)," a new play by Mario Fratti.

A young girl's fantasies about being fathered by the Pope lead to a brutal kidnapping.

Fratti's play is inspired by a New York Times article of May 15, 2012 about the kidnapping of Emanuela Orlandi, daughter of an employee of the Vatican City State.

Clues to the crime have led investigators in many different directions and the unsolved case has become a mystery of particular fascination to Italians.

The Mandrake Root

The Mandrake Root (La Mandragola) is a satirical play by the author of The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli.
Although the five-act comedy was published in 1524 and first performed in the carnival season of 1526, Machiavelli likely wrote The Mandrake Root in 1518 to be performed at the wedding of Duke Lorenzo de’ Medici and Maddalena de la Tour d’Auvregne.

The Decameron

Here Beginneth the Seventh Day of the Decameron Wherein Under the Governance of Dioneo Is Discoursed of the Tricks Which or for Love or for Their Own Preservation Women Have Heretofore Played Their Husbands With or Without the Latter's Cognizance Thereof.

The Seventh Story

Lodovico discovereth to Madam Beatrice the love he beareth her, whereupon she sendeth Egano her husband into the garden, in her own favour, and lieth meanwhile with Lodovico, who, presently arising, goeth and cudgelleth Egano in the garden.